SNAP – SparklineData Nextgen Analytics Platform

Many of you who have followed us over the past year or two, know that we have been heads down on making life easier for those who struggle with the challenges of ad-hoc analysis on modern data lakes. We have seen the frustrations of Tableau users and in the words of one of those users, ” We have a Ferrari in Tableau but using it on my Big Data is like running it with a coal fired 50HP engine”.

We believe in the democratization of data. What does that mean?

  1. Everyone should be able to access and analyze data in the corporate Data Lake, fast! Without speed, users can get frustrated and move to extracting data into Excel.
  2. Data should be available at the lowest grain possible. When IT or Engineering creates summaries and aggregates in order to achieve performance, business loses. Drill downs and Drill ups have been core to business users. The flexibility to use “ALL” the data is important.
  3. Users should not have to learn a new tool just to speed up data access. Many visualization and B.I vendors such as Tableau, Qlik  have a great product. It does not make much business sense to invest in another platform with new visualization paradigms just to get better performance. The data should go wherever or whatever tool the users are used to.

At Sparkline we believe in democratization of data and building the platform to enable such democratization. We are fortunate to have forward thinking customers and CIOs who help guide us as we embark on making SNAP more and more useful.



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