10 signs you are going nowhere with B.I on Big Data

1. You are fixated on figuring out whether to use Hadoop or Big Query or stick with Oracle-on-premise or move to AWS
2. You are spending endless cycles evaluating Cloudera or HDP or something else and arguing the benefits of Impala over Hive when you have no idea about the business query patterns
3. You are worked up about Spark SQL vs Presto and have teams touting one or the other with endless evaluation cycles
4. You are stuck in file format religious wars — Orc vs Parquet
5. You have spent months on custom ETL hell and feel you are back to square one, now nostalgic about the good old days with Informatica
6. Finally you have Tableau running on Hadoop clusters but its so slow that no one wants to use it
7. You feel in-memory will magically solve your problems and bring in a B.I tool which is really meant only for small data in memory.
8. Your frustrated business users are going back to Excel and Tableau extracts
9. Your data scientists have given up asking for detail data for analysis since you can’t get even summary data to return results in time
10. You have spent over a year in just tinkering with free open source tools and realize that its not really free. Time is money.


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