Desired Skills

We are looking to hire CS/EE graduate with focus on distributed computing/compilers to work on our OLAP platform. Sparklinedata is a fast growing startup. You will be exposed to real world challenges of processing hundreds of terabytes of data at low cost.

What are we looking for

CS/EE graduate with focus on distributed computing/compilers. Expertise in one or more of the following is preferred:

  • Scala/Java programming
  • File Formats like ORC/Parquet
  • Big data distributed computing frame works like Hadoop, Spark
  • Relational engines Hive/SparkSQL/MySQL
  • SQL Query planning/Optimization/Execution
  • Parser/Compiler expertise

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

We are seeking candidates to work on our Sparkline SNAP Platform You will be involved in developing a semi-join optimization layer for star join queries. The development environment is Scala with a deep dependency on Apache Spark.

Ideal candidates should have a solid background in Database Internals( particularly Query processing) and Distributed Systems. They should have had some exposure to Scala/Java

Please contact us at or with github pull requests