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Jan 2018

B.I and A.I with context – a key to deeper insights.

Analytical Queries: it pays to understand the Dimensional Context Harish Butani – CTO Sparklinedata A Business Intelligence and/or Data Science initiative is driving at similar outcomes: to gain insights/extract useful patterns about a particular business activity. The activity could be anything from analyzing sales, to web traffic, to Ad. campaigns and on and on. The insights sought are also very varied from trends in sales,...

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Oct 2017

Apache Spark for enterprise datawarehousing

Most people, when they think of Apache Spark think machine learning and data science. Spark is so much more than that. Enterprises today, struggle to make sense of the alphabet soup in Hadoop. Big Data was synonymous with Hadoop. However Hadoop is not one thing. The biggest value of Hadoop for analytics and B.I was, and is HDFS which is a distributed file system. But...

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Sep 2017

5 ways to rethink your data access strategy

Leveraging data is increasingly becoming critical to business success. However much of the data is locked in slow datamarts, legacy OLAP cubes and inaccessible Hadoop clusters. As a result, business users are stuck in second gear on an old car, unable to move at the speed needed to execute effectively. Dashboards, A.I and cool visualizations may dominate the conversation around analytics and B.I, but the...

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Sep 2017


We have seen before, from our benchmarking exercises, how efficient SNAP can be in providing the best performance at the lowest cost. SNAP does not need specialized hardware, GPUs or large clusters. Many benchmarks do not focus on real use cases involving true adhoc queries accessing multiple regions of a multi-dimensional  large dataset. For example running Tableau workloads is different from hand written benchmark queries....

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Apr 2017

Querying S3 datalakes – SQL and Tableau on S3

For many, AWS S3 is not just a deep storage, but a viable option for storing data that can be consumed by reporting and analytics tools. Sparkline SNAP works seamlessly with S3 data directly and exposes your data to tools like Tableau with very fast response times across hundreds of concurrent user sessions. Below is a video of data from a Star Schema Benchmark data...

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