Sparkline SNAP

Sparkline SNAP: Universal data access layer for your Enterprise Big Data

SNAP Indexes

SNAPs are indexes on your structured data. An in-memory OLAP Index is the fastest way for analyzing billions of rows of multi-dimensional data. The SNAP OLAP Index is the first type of index from SparklineData, designed to provide lightning fast response times for business OLAP/B.I queries as well as machine learning and AI workloads on Spark.


AMP is our core engine on Spark that optimizes and translates queries to utilize SNAPs for ultra fast results. It runs as a native Spark application and is designed to handle high concurrency queries on large multi-dimensional datasets.

SNAP Qubes

SNAP qubes provide business level abstractions to define dimensions, measures and hierarchies. Qubes provide a logical abstraction to a star schema at the lowest granularity. Unlike OLAP cubes, SNAP qubes don’t need pre-aggregation or summarization avoiding expensive and complex summary table builds.

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