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Nov 2017

10 signs you are going nowhere with B.I on Big Data

1. You are fixated on figuring out whether to use Hadoop or Big Query or stick with Oracle-on-premise or move to AWS 2. You are spending endless cycles evaluating Cloudera or HDP or something else and arguing the benefits of Impala over Hive when you have no idea about the business query patterns 3. You are worked up about Spark SQL vs Presto and have...

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Apr 2016

Fast BI – A new approach

Business Intelligence is the heart of all analysis at enterprises. Data, that is collected about business events and metrics have to be organized and analyzed to glean business insights and the industry around data warehousing and visualization of trends and metrics is enormous. But as data has grown, the tools and technologies to analyze the data have not kept pace. While tools like Tableau are...

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