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Connect Tableau to your Big Data using SparklineData

Accelerate your Tableau queries


Why connect Tableau through SparklineData?

SparklineData provides a query acceleration layer using Spark and OLAP Indexing, enabling Tableau users to use Spark SQL and yet obtain the benefits of query response times 30-40 times from just using Spark.

How does SparklineData make Tableau queries faster?

Users of Tableau connecting to any backend datasources in “live” mode such as Hive, Spark or MPP databases and querying on large datasets run into performance bottlenecks. For a typical B.I use case, users need fast drill down, slice and dice and looking at multiple dimensions.

SparklineData sits between Tableau and the backend datasource accelerating queries making Tableau users more productive.

How do I deploy SparkineData

SparklineData can work with your dataset and showcase in days a proof of concept. Please contact us for a personalized demo.

How can I see a demo?

We can tailor a personalized demo with your dataset. Or we can show a you a sample demo on on a 100 million row plus dataset with over 20 different Tableau sheets running various kinds of queries. Contact us for more details.

How long does it take to deploy Sparkline

It is very easy to get started with Sparkline. We can set up a personalized POC within a day or two. Depending on your dataset and the scale of your project the work is primarily around determining the kind of workload and indexes needed.

Tableau Revenue Analysis Dashboard with Sparkline SNAP

Tableau Moving Average on Sparkline SNAP

Tableau slice and dice

Tableau demo with Sparkline Data

Tableau with live connection to 100 million row dataset: A Demo

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Personalized Demo on your dataset

Contact us for a demo on a 100 million row sample dataset against Tableau. Get started on a QuickStart with a 15 minute call.

Use Tableau at 10-100x the speed of other options on Hadoop/Spark/S3. Query on billions of rows live and use all the functions and capabilities you are used to with Tableau.