High ROI for OLAP analysis on Hadoop and Spark

OLAP analysis on Native Spark

Use Spark SQL to power your B.I and analytics with 10 times the speed of comparable in-memory technologies.

No Extracts

Eliminate building summary tables and specialized aggregations for each use case. Store your data in Sparkline at the lowest granularity and aggregate on the fly. Since data compresses upto 10x( data + indexes) you can keep all you historical data and yet provide interactive response times.

Compressed data and indexes

Sparkline uses compressed in-memory data and indexes to accelerate your queries. For business intelligence type queries, just in-memory data is not enough for interactive analysis.

Advanced optimizations

Sparkline works well in B.I tools like Tableau. These tools produce generic SQL that may not be optimized for the underlying datasource( Spark SQL for example). Sparkline adds advanced optimizations to make interactive queries fast.

Deploy on cloud or on premise

Sparkline can be deployed on AWS with EMR running Spark 2, EC2, Public clouds that support Spark – Azure, Google Cloud or on-premise /Private cloud with your Spark clusters( HDP, MAPR, CDH etc).

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